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Andrea Brachfeld — If Not Now, When?

By Ganved14 February 9, 2019 (No)
Andrea Brachfeld If Not Now, When? Jazzheads A few years ago I went to a..

Charanga del Norte at Mansion House

By Ganved14 January 25, 2019 (No)
CHARANGA DEL NORTE, 24 November, Senate House, University of London As ..

Mary Fettig – Brazilian Footprints

By Ganved14 January 23, 2019 (No)
Mary Fettig: Brazilian Footprints (F Major Records FM 5808; 2008) One o..

Indian Music for the Western Flutist

By Ganved14 January 21, 2019 (No)
Flute Journal assistant editor John Wubbenhorst has been studying bansur..

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