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Debussy – 6 Épigraphiques Antiques for Flute and Harp: A Review

By Ganved14 January 10, 2017 (No)
Sheet Music Review   Claude Debussy – 6 Épigraphiques Antiques f..

Unique Flute Master Class Completes Second Year; Looks Forward to Third

By Ganved14 December 5, 2016 (No)
Every summer finds a crowded schedule of flute conventions, master class..

Jazz Flute Big Band International Appears at London Jazz Festival

By Peter Westbrook November 10, 2016 (No)
The Jazz Flute Big Band – UK (or JFBB-UK) appeared Nov 20th at the..

Your Brain on Improv

By Peter Westbrook October 26, 2016 (No)
Through his studies of the brain “on jazz,” music-loving oto..

Flute Journal Holds Mini Convention in London

By Peter Westbrook October 14, 2016 (No)
International Flute Journal presented its first mini flute convention on..

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