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A New Workshop from Chris Potter 

By Ganved14 October 21, 2020 (No)
Best known for her expertise with low flutes, Chris Potter has many stri..

Our Privacy Policy

By Ganved14 September 19, 2020 (No)
Disclaimer The information contained in this website is for general info..

Meera Maharaj in Concert with Taika

By Ganved14 September 18, 2020 (No)
Flute Journal readers will remember Meera Maharaj from the reviews of th..

Nicola Woodward plays Charles Koechlin

By Ganved14 September 9, 2020 (No)
Charles Koechlin — Les Chants de Nectaire. First Series (Op. 198) ..

All in a Day — Marc Adler & Vic Stevens

By Ganved14 September 7, 2020 (No)
Having reviewed the recordings of Philadelphia jazz flutist Marc Adler, ..

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