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Deepak Ram/Enayet Hossain — Confluence

By Ganved14 | August 30, 2021 | (No) | 3153
It has been one of our goals, perhaps the principal goal, at Flute Journal, to bring out information that can help to ex..

Brian Landrus — Red List

By Ganved14 | August 30, 2021 | (No) | 702
Following from the Ben Kono Group recording, Don’t Blink, New York flutist, saxophonist, clarinetist Brian Landrus..

Ben Kono – ‘Don’t Blink’

By Ganved14 | August 16, 2021 | (No) | 3733
Flute Journal readers will be familiar with various themes that we have pursued from time to time in our articles and re..

Ben Kono Group – Voyages

By Ganved14 | August 12, 2021 | (No) | 2062
Ben Kono announces the performance of his Voyages project. He writes: “Friends! I am so excited to announce that w..

The Raga Guide

By Ganved14 | August 9, 2021 | (No) | 2278
The Raga Guide presents fundamental information about a major world genre in which the flute plays a major role. Studyin..

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