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At the beginning of April, we announced the launching of a new project, aperformance of a new work for virtual flute ensemble by American composer Amanda Herberg, with th..
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Lindsay Brydon performed with the Flute Journal Flute Choir and Jazz Flute Big Band in London until she returned to Canada earlier this year. Her composition Pressure Co..
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For those who would like to learn how to play the blues, here is the pinnacle of achievement in that area, the great James Moody in a live performance of Darben the Redd ..
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SAM MOST, JAZZ FLUTIST – A FILM BY EDMOND GOFF AND FERNANDO GELBARD Sam Most, Jazz Flutist is a comprehensive biography of legendary jazz flutist Sam Most. From his..
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Founded by flute and tin whistle player, Kirsten Allstaff, along with her husband concertina player Matthew Curley, the Online Academy of Irish Music has been offering ..

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